Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Important Reminder from another Positive skunk

The latest positive skunk reminds us that it is extremely important to have our pets vaccinated.  To most of us our pets are like our children and we would do all we could to protect them.  This should include vaccinations and keeping them current on those vaccines. 

We have recently seen an increase in Dog vs Skunk interactions.  Many of these interactions have been with dogs who are UNDER vaccinated.  The health department encourages everyone to take about 5 minutes out of your day and check the following:
  • Check your dogs vaccination status.  Most of our pets are on the three year rabies vaccine and with our busy lives it is easy for that to slip our mind.
  • Call your vet and verify when your dog is due for its next vaccinations, specifically rabies.  Make sure that you maintain a record of your dogs vaccinations in an easily accessible place.

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